Gymnastics World and Teisha have been such a blessing to my family. Olivia and Emma have learned so much and had lots of fun in their 4 years at the gym. They have not only learned tons of new skills but they have gained coordination and strength that has helped them incredibly in other sports they participate in. Olivia has benefited greatly from being on the team by being taught life skills such as the importance of hard work, dedication, and healthy competition. We are so thankful to Teisha and Gymnastics World for investing in our girls.

The Dabreu Family

Our three daughters have been taking classes at Gymnastic World for over 6 years. They have participated in tumbling classes, gymnastics classes, and competitive teams. Our experience here has been like no other. I am so thankful that my daughters have a nurturing and challenging environment to develop the skills they need that will last a lifetime. The coaches here are so encouraging and have helped my daughters perform skills at their personal best. In our time with Gymnastic World, my girls have shown improvement in self-confidence, discipline, and fitness. We could not be more happy to be part of such a wonderful gym! We have made many wonderful memories with the gym and staff, and we look forward to many more! It's a blessing to our community and I couldn't think of a better place to send my daughters!

The Mitchell family

We have been at Gym World for almost 3 years and have loved every second of it! When I asked my 7 year old her favorite things about her gym, this is what she had to say. "First, I was scared to try something new, but everyone was really nice and welcomed me and then I wasn't scared anymore." Second, she stated, "I've made some really sweet friends there, too!" And last, but not least, "I've got the best coaches that are great at teaching me new skills." I couldn't have said it better myself, Sadie Mac! Thank you Gym World for helping my daughter discover something she loves with all her heart and instilling so much confidence into that little, shy body. We look forward to making a lifetime of memories with yall!

Meagan and Sadie Avaltroni

We have been a part of the Gymnastics World family for almost 4 years and we have had nothing but a positive experience! Teisha and her staff run an excellent program with such a positive environment of encouragement and challenge. Our beginner class got us hooked and our competitive team experience has fanned into flame my daughter's love for gymnastics. We have had professional coaches that really knew how to get the best out of their athletes. They treat the girls with respect and expect hard work and respect in return. It is hard to put a price tag on that! We live an hour away from the gym, and yet this wonderful program is worth the drive!

Beth Price